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RE-ch9 - over long distances& used in a variety of ways...

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Jim Stanley RE-Chapter 9 Geothermal Energy 1. Definitions a. Lithospheric plates: The rigid rocky plates that make up the outer surface of the Earth b. Ground source heat pump: A geothermal central heating/cooling system that pumps heat into or out of the ground c. Porosity: The cavities present in a rock d. Permeability: A rock’s ability to transmit water e. Fumarole: An opening in the earth’s crust that emits steam & gas 2. Why is attention focused on geothermal electricity over geothermal heat? Electricity can be transmitted
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Unformatted text preview: over long distances, & used in a variety of ways, while heat can only be used locally in limited applications 3. What causes geothermal heat? The radioactive decay of thorium 232, uranium 238, and potassium 40 4. 4 major geothermal plant types? Dry Steam, Single flash steam plant, binary cycle plant, double flash plant 5. What country had the most Geothermal energy in 2000? USA 6. 3 important features of a geothermal resource? An aquifer, a cap rock, & a heat source...
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