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Jim Stanley Prof. Flomenhoft CDAE 06 December 1, 2009 After visiting UVM’s central heating plant, I was amazed that as a “green” university, UVM still uses oil-fired boilers to supply heat to the campus’s many buildings. The central heating plant is located in the rear of the Royal Tyler Theater, and consists of five boilers that can run on either #6 fuel oil or natural gas. I was surprised when we were told that the boilers were currently running on oil, which is more polluting than gas, because of contractual obligations to their supplier. One other reason for the boilers to run on fuel oil as opposed to natural gas is the scarcity of gas (supplied from Canada in limited quantities) during the winter. The boilers are used to make steam at 398 degrees f, which is then piped at 220psi throughout the campus to supply the university with its heating and hot water needs.
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Unformatted text preview: This central heating system is a great improvement over the previous method used for heating the campus, which used three boilers in each building. The plant is also used for central cooling during the warmer parts of the year. This is accomplished by bringing warm water from other buildings to the central plant, where the heat is removed, and 42-degree water is pumped back to the buildings to be used again. One of the most impressive things about the system was the degree to which it was modernized and automated. A large part of this modernization consists of electronic controls of the system, as opposed to the older pneumatic controls which could be off by as much as 30%. The heating plant also serves as a “nerve center” for UVM, where things such as the temperature of the ice rink, and alarm systems are electronically monitored....
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