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1968 Response - Martin Luther King was killed after years...

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Before I read through the lectures the events of 1968 that stood out the most to me were the Kennedy and King assassinations, and the violence of the Democratic National Convention in Chicago. While these events certainly changed the world, there was a lot more that happened in 1968 that I had ever thought about. From the Tet Offensive and “Prague Spring” to the peak of the women’s liberation movement and the Apollo eight mission, there were a huge number of important events that took place in 1968. I think a large reason that many of these events took place in 1968 was the momentum gained by social movements in previous years. The Tet Offensive gave new power to the anti-war movement, which resulted in the riots at the DNC, and Bobby Kennedy’s popularity as a presidential candidate.
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Unformatted text preview: Martin Luther King was killed after years of success leading the civil rights movement. Although I don’t think that any one year had as many important events as 1968, if I had to pick one to rival it I would choose 1991. Although there were not as many major domestic events as in 1968, the international scene changed significantly in 1991. Most importantly, the Soviet Union collapsed at the end of the year, ending the decades long Cold War with America. The US led coalition succeeded in removing the Iraqi invaders from Kuwait, conflict began escalating in the Balkans, and Apartheid was ended in South Africa. On the domestic front, the Rodney King beating at the hands of the LAPD sparked riots in Los Angeles, and Clarence Thomas was nominated for the Supreme Court....
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