Dr Strangelove Response

Dr Strangelove Response - For my movie I watched Dr...

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Unformatted text preview: For my movie I watched Dr. Strangelove. I ts plot revolves around a general in charge of a Strategic Air Command bomber wing who loses his mind and orders his soldiers to launch a nuclear attack on Russia, and the subsequent (unsuccessful) efforts to stop the attack from happening. The general had ordered the strike in an effort to force the President into using the rest of the military to attack Russia to prevent nuclear retaliation against America. The flaw in this plan was that the Russians had constructed a “Doomsday Device” which would automatically go off and eradicate all human and animal life in the event that Russia was attacked. This device illustrated the concept of Mutually Assured Destruction (or MAD) where neither side could guarantee a victory without sustaining unacceptable casualties, so neither side would launch a first strike. Unfortunately, in the movie, Russia had not yet announced the creation of the device, which negated its purpose as a deterrent. At the end of the movie, the president’s advisors are discussing...
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