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Easy Rider Response

Easy Rider Response - This week I watched Easy Rider with...

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This week I watched “Easy Rider” with starring Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper. The movie is about a pair of friends Wyatt (played by Fonda) and Billy (played by Hopper) on a motorcycle journey through the southwest to New Orleans for Mardi Gras. The movie began with the pair bringing a shipment of cocaine from South America in order to finance their journey. As the tour through the southwest they pick up a hitchhiker on his way to a commune. After a day or so on the road, they arrive at the commune, where they eat, and meet a pair of women they seem to have a sexual relationship with. Life on the commune seems hard, but very fulfilling, with a simple life in harmony with nature and the other residents of the commune. When the two leave the commune they are given four doses of LSD by the hitchhiker that brought them there, and told to take it “when the time is right”. From there the two continue to a small town in Texas where
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