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The movie “Full Metal Jacket” centers around the experiences of a young Marine named Joker as he goes through boot camp on Paris Island, and later in the city of Hue in Vietnam during the Tet Offensive. The movie begins as Joker is processed into boot camp, and eventually earns the respect of his Drill Sergeant by refusing to give in to the Drill Sergeant’s demand that he believes in the Virgin Mary. Another major character in the first half of the movie is another recruit at the boot camp named Leonard, who the Drill Sergeant nicknames Gomer Pyle. Leonard seems to have some type of mental handicap or learning disability, and has a very difficult time adjusting to military life. At the end of the first half of the movie after the recruits graduate boot camp, Leonard shoots the Drill Sergeant, and then himself as a result of the abuse he received from the Drill Sergeant and the rest of his squad. The second half of the movie begins in Da Nang where Joker is serving as a reporter for the military newspaper “Stars and Stripes”. Joker
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