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Malcolm X Movie Review

Malcolm X Movie Review - T his week I watched Malcolm X...

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This week I watched “Malcolm X” starring Denzel Washington as the radical civil rights leader. The movie starts in Boston where Malcolm spent his teenage years in the 40s. Although society is mostly segregated there, Malcolm is preoccupied with going to dances, chasing white women, and just having a good time. He then goes to Harlem where he meets a gangster named Archie and begins working for him selling chances in a lottery. After a dispute about the lottery, Malcolm flees from Archie back to Boston where he begins robbing wealthy households with his friend Shorty, and their white girlfriends. The whole group is caught, arrested, and put on trial, where the white women get relatively light sentences, while Malcolm and Shorty are sentenced to 7-12 years. While in prison Malcolm goes through cocaine withdrawal, is defiant to the guards, and is put in solitary confinement. After he is released back to the general prison population, Malcolm meets
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