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After reading about the national liberation movements of the 50s and 60s, I was not surprised at all by how they turned out. After having been exploited for years by colonialist forces from thousands of miles away one can easily understand how eager the nations of the third world were for their independence. Also because of the socialist idea of a society of and for the repressed workers and farmers it comes as no surprise that the US was worried that the populist movements would align themselves with the USSR, which many of them did. It also seems like the Western powers were more likely to use force or covert action than their Soviet counterparts. I’m sure that the KGB and other Soviet intelligence serviced engaged in their fair share of covert action, but with American “Freedom of Information” laws it seems like you hear much more about the actions of the CIA. I think the revolutions and subsequent alignment with socialist powers that
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Unformatted text preview: occurred in the third world were an example of the western powers reaping what theyve sown. Because the European powers along with America took advantage of the cheap labor and plentiful resources of developing nations without regard to the consequences, the backlash by the native populations is understandable. After reading about the Nonaligned Movement, it occurred to me that the movement might have started to keep these countries independent of any superpower, but lately the ideology has taken on a decidedly anti-western tone. Examples of this include the condemnation of Zionism, and opposition to US military action in the Middle East. I think this is a result of the collapse of the USSR so opposition to the actions of that power bloc were no longer important, as well as the fact that many of the member countries such as Cuba and North Korea are sot, or Arab or Islamic such as Iran and Indonesia....
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