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After reading the Port Huron statement, I was surprised by how moderate the position of its writers seemed to be. I went into the reading expecting to find a radical manifesto denouncing everything traditionally American from the free market and God, to apple pie and baseball; however it seemed like Hayden was really lamenting the apathy of American society towards important social issues more than anything else. The statement was writing in 1962, before the US became deeply involved in the Vietnam War, which explains why it was only mentioned once in the document. The main themes of the statement seem to be the civil rights movement, the apathy of American youth, and economic inequality. I think the Port Huron statement has an even more important message today, than when it was originally written in the early 60s.
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Unformatted text preview: If the signers of this statement thought that the American society of their time was indifferent, I can’t imagine what they would think of today’s society who’s main focus seems to be the top 10 plays on Sports Center, or who wins American Idol. The war in Iraq, while by no means as unpopular as Vietnam, has not resulted in any backlash like the half a million strong “Mobe” in 1969. I think a lot of this apathy is cause by the same thing it was cause by in the 60s: control of the media, government, and education systems by the elite. If the powers that be can keep Americans contented by relative prosperity, and ignorant with entertainment rather than news, they can and will do whatever they want, with only nominal opposition....
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