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When reading about the origins of Rock ‘n Roll it struck me that the music had as large of an impact on society as the social forces of the time had on the music. For instance, it would have been impossible for Rock ‘n Roll to have gained any type of main stream following if society had not liberalized significantly since the 40s and 50s, however once new types of music (Rock ‘n Roll, Motown, ect) became popular they seemed to make society more tolerant and aware. This also occurred in the folk scene of the 60s, which was greatly affected by the war in Vietnam, and helped to raise awareness and create discontent about the war. One more instance of this phenomenon was in the drug influenced music scene of the Bay Area.
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Unformatted text preview: There is no question that bands such as the Grateful Dead and Jefferson Airplane enjoyed chemical recreation from time to time, and these bands featured prominently in Ken Kessey’s “Acid Tests” where many people were introduced to drugs such as LSD for the first time. I personally like the folk and psychedelic music of the 60s. I like the message that a lot of folk music puts out to live simply and care for others, as well as the sound of the Bay Area bands. Like many other people, I wish I could have been around for Woodstock, which was a one of a kind event that showed that people could coexist peacefully in an atmosphere centered on community, freedom, and a love of music....
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