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Sexual Revolution Response

Sexual Revolution Response - The sexual revolution had many...

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The sexual revolution had many different causes, not the least of which was increased scientific research in the field of human sexuality. Dr. Kinsey’s groundbreaking work “Sexual Behavior in the Human Male” and his later “Sexual Behavior in the Human Female” based its research on interviews conducted with a number of people. These two bestselling books debunked a number of myths about sexuality, and began making it permissible to discuss sex in a public manner. Masters’ and Johnson’s research went even further than Kinsey’s in that they based their work not on interviews, but on observations of sexual behaviors taken in their lab. The fact that this research talked about sex in a scientific as opposed to obscene manner helped people begin discussing and understanding their sexuality in a more open forum. The development of “the pill” and penicillin also played a major role in making premarital sex less taboo by reducing the risk of long term, unwanted consequences of people’s actions. I also think that the overall liberalization of society in the 1960s was a major contributing
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