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For me the most surprising things about the beginning of the atomic age were how quickly the threat developed once the bomb was invented at the end of WWII, and the propaganda that aimed to convince people that a nuclear war could be survivable. In the 1950s in response to increasing tensions with the USSR and perceived (but incorrect) belief in a “missile gap” the US increased its nuclear arsenal exponentially to over 30,000 warheads in 1965. This increase coincided with the beginning of the practice of building backyard bomb shelters, and running “duck and cover” drills in schools.
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Unformatted text preview: I realize that people understood how devastating a nuclear war would be, but having not been alive at that time I wonder whether these drills and defense measures were for actual protection or just for peace of mind. I’m not sure how much different living with the threat of nuclear war would be from living today with the threat of terrorism. Although back then a war meant almost certain death, today there is still the possibility that large amount of innocent people could be killed over a difference in ideologies....
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