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Midterm Essay - Jim Stanley Prof Robinson POLS 157 Britains...

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Prof. Robinson October 20, 2009 POLS 157 Britain’s Impact of the Creation of Israel The publishing of the Balfour Declaration in 1917 by the British government has been viewed by many as the tacit approval of the creation of a Jewish state on the part of Britain. Although the merits of this theory are debatable, there is no denying that Britain’s presence in Palestine played a major role in the creation of Israel. The important question to ask is whether the Zionist movement could have succeeded in establishing a Jewish state without the actions of Britain. Even though Britain did set the stage for the establishment of Israel, there were other factors that would have resulted in the formation of a Jewish state sooner or later. Although the Zionist movement was gained widespread popularity in the Jewish population in late 19 th century Eastern Europe, the idea that Diaspora Jews should return to Palestine had been around for centuries. (Cleveland, 240) The modern origins of the idea originated with the books “Autoemancipation” by Leo Pinsker and “The Jewish State” by Theodor Herzel that advocated the creation of a Jewish nation-state, although it did not specify where. The idea that the new Jewish nation-state should be in Palestine was put forth at the First Zionist Congress in 1897. (Cleveland 242) The Balfour Declaration was a result of Britain’s belief that Jews in Russia and America had the ability to influence their government’s conduct of World War One. (Cleveland, 243)
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Midterm Essay - Jim Stanley Prof Robinson POLS 157 Britains...

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