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Jim Stanley Prof. Burke POLS 295 November 2, 2009 When discussing Henry Kissinger, many people regard his unprecedented power as the National Security Council Advisor as inappropriate, however the success of his foreign policy indicates the effectiveness of his position. Although Kissinger’s predecessors behaved as policy advocates, they did so after consulting many of the principles of the NSC. Kissinger on the other hand actively marginalized high-level bureaucrats outside of his staff, most notably Secretary of State William Rogers. This was done to ensure
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Unformatted text preview: that Kissinger personally had his hand in every aspect of national security policy making. Many would say that this lack of cooperation between the National Security Advisor and other policy makers was to the detriment of foreign policy, however Kissinger’s record of success proves otherwise. While it is up for debate whether it was a good idea for Kissinger to personally engage in diplomacy, the conclusion of the Vietnam War and the opening of relations with China among other things demonstrate the policy’s success....
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