Week1 - CSE 730 Artificial Intelligence 2 Advanced Topics...

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CSE 730: Artificial Intelligence 2 Advanced Topics Prof. Eric Fosler-Lussier TR 2-3:18 Dreese 264 Autumn 2007 Today’s agenda ! Administrivia ! Course outline ! Course requirements ! Discussion ! Probability theory review (probably next time) About me ! Research in automatic speech recognition and spoken dialogue systems ! How do people pronounce words? ! How should systems handle ambiguity? ! Technology lab (with Prof. Byron) ! Office: DL 585 ! Phone: 292-4890 ! Email: [email protected] ! Office hours: M 10:30-11:30, T 1-2 How do you say that name? ! Prof. Fosler-Lussier (faaz-ler loo-see-er) ! But there are at least 2 variants of Fosler and 3 variants for Lussier within my family. ! Acceptable alternatives ! Prof./Dr. Fosler ! Prof./Dr. F ! Use your judgment ! Unacceptable alternatives ! Hey you! Course information ! Course website: ! http://www.cse.ohio-state.edu/~fosler/730 ! Blog format with links (1-way, no comments) ! Some parts of website will only be accessible within ohio-state.edu or via proxy (particularly lectures) ! I will try to put lectures up the night before (but no guarantees). ! Course newsgroup ! cse.courses.cse730 ! Can subscribe to mailing list (see link in syllabus) Course goals ! You should walk away with: ! Understanding of how AI problems are approached ! Knowledge of some core AI techniques (different than those in 630) ! A good idea of the type of research that is done at OSU ! Experience in running a (small-scale) AI experiment
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The Book ! AIMA (Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach)
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Week1 - CSE 730 Artificial Intelligence 2 Advanced Topics...

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