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725-hw2-sp-06 - w 2i 4 Do problem 4.17 from the...

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CSE 725 — Spring, 2006 Homework 2 Due: Wednesday, April 26 (start of class) 1. Show that the set QT is decidable where QT = { M , w w Σ Μ and M accepts w using at most w 2 tape squares} . 2. Show that the set NML is decidable where NML = { M , w w Σ Μ and as M computes on w its R/W head never moves left } . 3. Use diagonalization to show that the set D is not Turing decidable where D = { M i , w 2 i w 2 i Σ M i * and
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Unformatted text preview: w 2i } . 4. Do problem 4.17 from the textbook (both editions). 5. Do problem 4.18 from the textbook (both editions). Note: A language L is co-Turing-recognizable if and only if L is Turing-recognizable. 6. If you have the 1 st edition of the textbook, do problem 4.21, and if you have the 2 nd edition, do problem 4.28....
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