hw3 - Merge-Sort. What is the minimum size of the main...

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CSE671 - Introduction to DB Systems II Homework 3 Due on in class, Feb. 11, 2008 Problem 1 : B+-tree (50 points) Implement the insertion functionality for a B+ tree of order 2 (i.e,. n=2) with one of the following three programming languages: C++, C , Java. You may assume that all the keys of the inserted record are integers. You may ignore the record links in the leaf nodes. You should submit your source codes and a README file that describes how to compile and use your program with the following command: submit c671aa lab1 hw2.tar.gz README Note that all of the files must be submitted using one command. Please also include the test cases that you have used to test your program in the README file. Problem 2 : Merge-Sort (20 points) Suppose we have a relation with 16,665 tuples and each tuple requires 15 byes. We have a machine whose main memory and disk-block size (100 bytes) are sufficient to sort the 16,665 tuples using Two-Phase Multiway
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Unformatted text preview: Merge-Sort. What is the minimum size of the main memory? Problem 3 : Query Optimization (30 points) The query processor is about to decide how to execute the following query on relations R(A,B) and S(B,C): SELECT * FROM R,S WHERE R.B=S.B AND S.B = 10 The following two plans are being considered: Plan 1 Plan 2 (1.2) (2.3) (1.1) (2.1) (2.2) " R . B = 10 S R . B = 10 S . B = 10 R R S Relation R has 60,000 tuples with 10 tuples per disk block and V(R,B)=12. Similarly, S has 30,000 tuples with 30 tuples per disk block and V(S,B)=5. Consider a model that estimates the cost of a query plan through the total number of intermediate and final tuples produced by the operators. (1) What are the sizes (number of tuples) of the intermediate results and final results under each plan? (2) What are the corresponding costs of plans 1 and 2? Which is the better plan?...
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hw3 - Merge-Sort. What is the minimum size of the main...

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