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Introduction 0. Anatomy and physiology affect your life everyday 0. Anatomy is the oldest medical science 0. 1600 B.C. 1. Physiology is the study of function 1. Biochemistry 2. Biology 3. Chemistry 4. Genetics 2. Study strategies crucial for success 5. Attend all lectures, labs, and study sessions 6. Read your lecture and laboratory assignments before going to class or lab 8. Set up a study schedule and stick to it 9. Do not procrastinate! 10.Approach the information in different ways 11.Develop the skill of memorization, and practice it regularly 12.As soon as you experience difficulty with the course, seek assistance 13.Learning Outcomes 14.Illustrations and Photos 15.Pronunciation Guides 16.Checkpoint Questions 17.The A&P Top 100 18.Tips & Tricks 19.Clinical Notes 20.Chain Link Icons 21.End-of-Chapter Study and Review Materials 22.Systems Overview Section 23.System in Perspective Summaries 24.Colored Tabs 25.End-of-Book Reference Sections 1. Supplements 3. The InterActive Physiology® (IP) CD 4. MyA&P™ 5. Martini’s Atlas of the Human Body 6. Get Ready for A&P! 7. A&P Applications Manual 8. Study Guide 2. Full descriptions in preface of textbook
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Structure and Function 3. Anatomy 9. Describes the structures of the body 26.What they are made of 27.Where they are located 28.Associated structures 4. Physiology 10. Is the study of 29.Functions of anatomical structures 30.Individual and cooperative functions
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01_LectureOutline - Introduction 0 Anatomy and physiology...

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