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ECO 389, Spring 2010 Yun-Shan Chan UPPER DIVISION WRITING REQUIREMENT Department of Economics Guidelines The Writing requirement includes 1. To satisfy this requirement you must demonstrate proficiency in written communication in the context of economics. Normally, this means you will write an essay or report of about three to five pages, single spaced, on some topic in economics. In your case it will be corporate finance. The margin length has to be 1 inch on each side, which is top, bottom, left and right with 12 point “Times New Roman” font. Your proficiency will be judged on the basis of your overall presentation and the correctness of your grammar, punctuation, and spelling. The essay should contain some economic analysis but this analysis is not the focus of the exercise. 2. Normally, the topic of your report will be related to the course through which you are
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Unformatted text preview: satisfying this requirement. You should select your topic as soon as possible and inform me. If you wish to consult with me about the topic, come to see me during my office hours. 3. A first draft of your report must be submitted to me by March 16. I will then comment on your draft and there will be time for further iterations prior to the final version. The final version must be submitted by the last class day for the course. 4. The structure of your report should be as follows: (1) an opening paragraph setting out the main topic/issue/question; (2) a middle section containing your analysis of the issue, elaborating on various aspects of the issue as appropriate; and (3) a closing paragraph summarizing your conclusions. You are graded out of 100 points and you need a minimum of 65 in order to complete the writing requirement....
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