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ECONOMICS 389 CORPORATE FINANCE Spring 2010 A SAMPLE PROJECT • Choose a publicly listed company from the following links. Bonds Online Fixed Income Research Center Financial Dictionary Moody’s Modern Portfolio Theory MSN Money NASDAQ NYSE Standard & Poor’s The Bureau of the Public Debt U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission YAHOO! Bond Center * You can use Financial Dictionary to search the explanation for a financial term. •Find out the following information and write a paper about the publicly listed
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Unformatted text preview: company you have chosen 1. Name of the company, location, number of employees, and name of CEO and the board of directors and their background; 2. What industry the company has been categorized and the products or services the company is producing; 3. The company’s stock price and market share; 4. The company’s major competitors in the industry and their market prices and market share; 5. Major recent developments of the industry and major recent investments of the company; 6. Present the balance sheets and income statements for the years 2006 and 2007 (explain the meanings of all the terms in balance sheets and income statements). This is a sample. I would encourage you to find an interesting topic which is also relevant to our course, corporate finance, by yourself for the upper division writing requirement....
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