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52-Week Yld Sales High Low Stock Div % P/E 100s High Low Last Chg 63.88 35.31 XYZ Comm 1.76 3.9 15 15584 45.73 42.20 44.58 -0.07 52-week high and low: The highest and lowest prices paid for the stock during the past year. Last: The last price paid for the stock at the end of the previous day. Div: Short for dividend. A dividend is when a public company decides to pay a portion of its profits to stockholders. For each share of stock owned, a shareholder should receive $1.76 from the company’s annual profits. Yld%: The yield, or rate of return, on a stockholder’s investment. It is figured by dividing the annual dividend by the current price of the stock. P/E: Short for price/earnings ratio. The price of a share of stock divided by the company’s earnings per share for the last year. Sales 100s: The total amount of stock traded during the previous day. This example shows that 1,558,400 shares of this stock changed hands. Low: The lowest price paid for the stock during the previous day.
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