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Ch1 Homework - this sound does not occur English 2 Exercise...

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LING 101 24 August 2007 1) Syntax: In French, to negate something, two words are used. For example, “Je ne suis pas alleé au magasin”. However, in English, only one word is used for this purpose. “I did not go to the store”. Another difference between French and English is the placement of the adjectives. In French, most adjectives go after the noun they modify. For example, “le ballon vert”, “la table careé”. Yet in English, the adjectives normally precede the noun: “the green balloon”, “the square table”. Phonetics/phonology: One of the vowels in French is “u”, such as in “voiture”. However,
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Unformatted text preview: this sound does not occur English. 2) Exercise 3 a) no e) yes b) yes f) yes c) no g) no d) no g) no Exercise 5 a) Jason’s mother left himself with nothing to eat. Change to: Jason’s mother left him with nothing to eat. b) Miriam is eager to talk to. Change to: Miriam is eager to talk to Billy. c) This is the man who I took a picture of. Change to: This is the man I took a picture of. d) Colin made Jane a sandwich. No change e) Is the dog sleeping the bone again? Change to: Is the dog sleeping with the bone again?...
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