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Ch2 Homework - m optionality n prettier o mistreat p...

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LING 101 05 September 2007 Homework #2 A) Exercise 2 i) Try to match each of the following notions with a morpheme in the Persian data. a) I -- dam b) you (SG) --di c) we -- dim d) you (PL) -- did e) they -- dand f) not -- na g) was/were + -ing (continuous) -- mi ii) How would you say the following in Persian? a) They were buying. -- mixaridand b) You (SG) did not buy. -- naxaridi c) You (SG) were buying – mixaridi B) Exercise 4 i) Draw a tree structure for each word. a) a) desks b) untie c) invalid (A) d) dislike (V)
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e) triumphed f) ageless g) justice h) payment i) preplan (V) j) fastest k) reuse l) disobey
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Unformatted text preview: m) optionality n) prettier o) mistreat p) preview (V) ii) For optionality, the base for the affix ion is opt . The base for the suffix ity is optional . Neither of these is the root for the entire word though because the root is option . C) Which structure is correct? Letter (b) is the correct tree diagram for inexpensive. The reason for this is because expensive must be created first before in- can be added to the front of it. The prefix in can only be added to adjectives and the affix ive creates an adjective....
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