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Lab Practice 8

Lab Practice 8 - BUSI 410 Lab Practice#8 Due This lab...

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_________________________________________________________________________________________________ BUSI 410 – Lab Practice #8 Due 4/12/2010 This lab practice is intended to provide you with practice using Excel to perform time series regressions. Download the dataset (Home Depot 9.1.xls) required for this Lab practice from Blackboard. All of the questions below are answered in Chapter 9. Use them as reference but it would be useful to attempt the problem without looking at the solution first. Build a time-series regression model to forecast quarterly revenues for Home Depot. Use past revenue to capture inertia and trend and past new home sales as a leading indicator in your regression. Submit only the answers requested in the questions below. Do not print the residuals or the residual plots or the data or other Excel output. 1) Determine the length of the lag for new home sales to be used in the regression. You can visually inspect past new home sales as well as Home Depot revenues as well as run correlations to determine which lag to use. In your answer report, provide the following correlations: a)
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