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Team case analysis 1: Nucor (Case #5, 75 points) In each of the team case analysis assignments, your team is asked to apply three complimentary types of analysis to the same case: cash flow (where a template will be provided), scenario analysis (i.e., changes within the model), and strategic analysis (i.e., considerations outside the model, such as competitor behavior). Your deliverable should be a memo of up to two pages (plus attachments, such as the Excel sheet you used for the analysis). This memo should have four sections: one for each type of analysis and one giving and explaining your judgment of what action the firm should take in light of these three analysis. In this assignment, your team will advise Ken Iverson, Nucor CEO, on whether to adopt SMS’s CSP process. In your memo to him, please address the following issues. 1. Cash Flow Analysis The key question for this section is “By its own investment criterion, should Nucor undertake this investment?” Using the Excel spreadsheet provided as a template to calculate the cashflow Nucor could expect if it adopted SMS’s CSP process. The relevant spreadsheet is labeled “CF analysis-thin slab”. Most of the critical data is
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Nucor assignment description - Team case analysis 1: Nucor...

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