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ACADEMIC WRITING STRATEGIES Drafting: Preparing a preliminary version of a piece of writing like academic researches. Genre: A style of art or literature. Purpose: The reason for an action or explaining the aim of a written document. Audience: A group of listeners gathered for a purpose. Register: The level of formality of writing or speech. Style: A design or arrangement of some art or writing. Coherence: To be logical and consistent. Cohesion: The state of being coherent. Organization: A systematic arrangement or approach while writing an academic paper. Thesis Statement: Sentence prepared to support an idea which also contains some reasons about 
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Unformatted text preview: focus topic. Unity: The state after bringing some information together to form a meaningful writing. Synthesise: To combine some information gained by making researches to make them suitable for our projects. Revise: To make critical thinking about our opinions, change them if necessary due to a new and more meaningful information. Quoting: Repeated thing that was spoken or written by someone else. Paraphrasing: Expressing a writing using different words. Critical Thinking: Thinking about a topic making some critisizings. Inferencing Skills: Skills that help us concluding, working out from available information. Ali KÜÇÜK 1488410 Source: Oxford Dictionary & Thesaurus...
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