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BUS 207- Spring '10 - The pros and cons of behaving...

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BUS 207 – Review Sheet for Midterm One You will need to bring a large scantron form (the kind attached to the back of the syllabus), a number 2 pencil and your Cal Poly student photo id. The midterm will contain multiple choice and true/false questions based on the material from Chapters 1-4 in your book. Anything covered in your textbook or in class is fair game. In particular you should be familiar with the following: Chapter 1 Sources of Law Precedent Common Law Differences between Criminal and Civil Law Differences between Legal and Moral rights The James v. Meow Media case Chapter 2 The components of the ethics checklist The different responsibilities of an organization
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Unformatted text preview: The pros and cons of behaving ethically Chapter 3 The 3 types of ADR The pros and cons of ADR Jurisdiction in Federal Court The types of Courts The pleadings in litigation Types of Discovery Stinton v. Robin’s Wood. Inc Summary Judgment Jones v. Clinton Steps in a trial The appellate Process The Supreme Court – the Justices and their role Chapter 4 Separation of Power – types of power granted to each branch Protected Rights- First, Fifth and 14 th Amendments Statutory Law Stare Decisis Administrative Law – how it works Kennedy v. Louisiana Texas v. Johnson Tarasoff v. Regents of The University of California...
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