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California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo Social Sciences Department Soc. 218 Comparative Political Economy Office 12-P Phone: 756-1150 Fall 2009 email: Dr. Kerbo Office Hours: Monday and Wed, 2-3 Tue and Thursday, 4-5 Syllabus Texts: 1) Domhoff, Who Rules America, 6 th ed 2) Kerbo, Chapters on Germany and Japan (on line) 3) Prestowitz, Three Billion New Capitalists COURSE REQUIREMENTS : There will be three examinations, two midterms and a final. The exams will be multiple choice, with two short essay questions. About one-half of the questions will come from the readings, and the other half from lecture material. The lecture material will be from the same subject areas as reading assignments, but will cover additional material not in the books. The two midterm exams will count 30 percent of your grade, while the final will count 40 percent. Part of the final exam will be comprehensive (some of the questions will come from the material covered on the first two exams.) Learning Objectives:
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