Lecture 1- First Exam

Lecture 1- First Exam - International Political-Economy...

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International Political-Economy Sociology 218 FIRST EXAM I. Introduction 1. Importance of topic today, world changes, lack of knowledge 2. Impact of social structures, political and economic institutions –not simply leaders but institutions that impose opportunities and restrictions 3. Long waves and short waves in world history 4. The case of China in 1400 –by 1400 China was centuries ahead of the West in many technologies, science, culture, political and economic systems, comparison of European kings vs. Chinese emperors of the time –largest navy world has seen; Admiral He’s Treasure Fleet (over 3,000 large ocean going ships, trading from Africa to East Asia, perhaps further) –Why we are not a Chinese colony today? (Emperor Zhu Di expansion, building, trade and exploration; then disasters and opposition within court; conflict between old imperial Mandarin and merchant/ commoners) –1424 China closed (winning side thought China was far superior to rest of world; ships destroyed, contact with outside forbidden, study of foreign language forbidden, even teaching Chinese to foreigners forbidden, merchant class regulated. ..) 5. What is globalization and its history; cultural and economic dimensions –growth of global inequality since 1800 6. Position of the United States today in global competition 7. Types of Capitalisms (Neo-liberal, corporatist, and Asian models) 8. Summary of comparative inequality among rich nations II. Characteristics of the Modern World System 1. Structure of the world system
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–international economic system and international ties in history –impact on domestic economies –international division of labor –the extent of international ties (economic, military, political, treaties)
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Lecture 1- First Exam - International Political-Economy...

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