Competing Forms of Capitalism

Competing Forms of Capitalism - Strong unions Outcomes...

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Table 3-6 Competing Forms of Capitalism Corporate Cooperative Capitalism Asian Development Dominated Capitalism State Capitalism Countries Countries Countries USA, Canada, UK European Union Japan, and Developing Countries Countries in East and SE Asia Characteristics Characteristics Characteristics small state, little reg, large welfare state, strong state intervention, weak unions, state reg of econ, extensive regulation/planning low labor costs econ planning, weak unions
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Unformatted text preview: Strong unions Outcomes Outcomes Outcomes cheap production costs, high production costs, medium production costs, high inequality, low inequality, low inequality, low benefits to workers, high worker benefits, medium worker benefits, less job security, high job security medium job security, low unemployment, high unemployment, low unemployment, high poverty low poverty, low poverty, low taxes high taxes low taxes...
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