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FSAD4310 Apparel Production and Management Student: Sandy Ng Question: Why knock-offs are good or not good for fashion Fashion, by definition, refers to a style and custom of clothing prevalent at a given time. The trend is always evolving; at many of time, it repeats with modification and new elements. With these intrinsic natures, there comes the rule of thumb of the fashion industry – “Fashion is all about imitation.” Knockoffs, a low- priced imitation of a brand-name product, are then developed under heated debate within the fashion industry – whether they are good for fashion. Before discussing the topic, knockoffs should be more carefully investigated. They look alike the branded product, often reinterpreting it with concern over cost and production. They are fast in production and distribution, reaching store faster than the designers’ do; according to a clip of CBS news, knockoffs can be produced 48 hours after the runway show. Also, they are sold at fraction of the price of the authentic ones. Here are some data from the internet, a $440 Foley & Corinna dress is sold at $40 as knockoff and $800 Chloe booties is sold at $28. With reference to the price, knockoffs are known to be “quantity substitutes for quality.” One more point to be clarified before the discussion, “inspired-bys” is different from “knockoffs”. Inspired-bys are merchandises that incorporate the runway fashion without closely copying the design of the designer. Fast fashion companies like Zara and H&M are claimed to be producing inspired-bys instead of knockoffs. But the question is raised - how to differentiate the degree of copying, and who should be responsible to differentiate it? Therefore, in this essay, I would still consider them in the category of knockoffs.
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Fashion - FSAD4310 Apparel Production and Management...

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