Chapter 7 - She pleaded guilty to embezzlement and was...

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Shawnae Cristobal Legal Aspects of the Business Process Professor Schulz February 25, 2010 Chapter 7 (1,4,5,7,10) 1. The different verdicts are due to different burdens of proof. The state had to prove Arnie's guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, and evidently could not do so. But that same evidence, used in the civil trial, might well prove by a preponderance of the evidence that Arnie caused the injury to Vickie's store. 4. The crime that the government is accusing NME of is Medicare fraud. This type of fraud is where hospitals or doctors use false statements, bribes, or kickbacks to obtain Medicare payments from the federal or state governments. Medicare fraud was committed in this case because the doctor accepted money to refer Medicare patients to the hospital. 5. The government would have probably charged Hathcoat with embezzlement. The money was lawfully in her possession and she converted it to her use.
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Unformatted text preview: She pleaded guilty to embezzlement and was sentenced. 7. Yes. It is money laundering to take the proceeds of illegal acts and conceal or use them for other activities whether those activities are legal or illegal. 10. The fact that you let happy stay with you after you know she is illegally selling marijuana is a big mistake for many reasons. First of all if she gets caught she is getting caught in your house and that means you will be arrested. Secondly you could be charged with possession because it is in your house and aiding and abetting because you were aware of the illegal activity. Ultimately you can be held responsible for the crimes Happy is committing under your roof because you are the property owner and you willingly let her stay there and commit the crimes....
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Chapter 7 - She pleaded guilty to embezzlement and was...

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