Chapter 2 Review Questions Page 33 #s2-6,9,11a

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Shawnae Cristobal Statistics Professor DeNike September 8, 2008 Box #283 Chapter 2 Review Questions: Page 33 #s 2-6,9,11a 2. What do you see when (a) a relationship exists between two variables? (b) No relationship is present? a. We see a pattern in which the scores of an experiment change in a consistent manner with one another. b. There is no pattern to the change in variable scores. 3. What does the strength of a relationship refer to? The extent to which one or close to one value of Y tends to be consistently associated with only one value of X. 4. What pattern in the Y scores will produce a weaker relationship? Either there is a greater variety of Y scores associated with X scores or the same Y score is paired with different X scores. 5. What are the two aspects of a study to consider when deciding on the particular
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Unformatted text preview: descriptive or inferential statistics you should employ? The design of the study and the scale of measurement used 6. What is the difference between an experiment and a correlational study? In an experiment, we manipulate the independent variable and then measure the scores on the dependent variable. However in a correlational study, neither variable is actively manipulated. 9. What is the general purpose of all research, whether experiments or correlational studies? To discover relationships between variables, which may reflect how nature operates. 11. (a) What is the difference between a statistic and a parameter? A statistic describes a characteristic of a sample of scores. A parameter describes a characteristic of a population of scores....
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