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Shawnae Cristobal Statistics Professor DeNike September 12, 2008 Box #283 Chapter 3: Review and Application Questions Page 59-61 #s 1,13,14,15,17 1. (a) the number of scores in a sample (b) frequency (the number of times the scores occur) (c) relative frequency (proportion of time a score occurs) (d) cumulative frequency (the number of times scores at or below a score occur) 13. (a) The middle IQ score has the highest frequency in a symmetric distribution; the higher and lower scores have lower frequencies, and the highest and lowest scores have a relatively very low frequency. (b) The agility score form a symmetric
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Unformatted text preview: distribution containing two distinct “humps” where there are two scores that occur more frequently than the surrounding scores. (c) The memory scores form an asymmetric distribution in which there are some very infrequent, extremely low scores, but there are not corresponding infrequent high scores. 15. That the test was difficult for most of the class, because most of the scores are middle to low and very rarely high. 17. (a)bar (b) polygon (c)bar (d)histogram...
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