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Shawnae Cristobal Statistics Professor DeNike October 1, 2008 Box # 283 Chapter 6: Application Question Pages 141 # 25 25. (a)Compute that X = 68.90 and S x = 13.693; then 65 has a z= (65- 68.90)/13.693=-.28; from the z tables .3897 of the curve is below this, and (.3897) (200)= 77.94, so about 78 more people should score below 65.
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Unformatted text preview: (b) z=(70-68.90/13.693=+.08; from the z tables .4681 of the curve is above this and (.4681) (200)=93.62 so about 94 more people should score above 70 (c)if the data are not normally distributed, the normal curve is not a very accurate model for our expectations....
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