Chapter 6 review and application qestions

Chapter 6 review and application qestions - it to determine...

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Shawnae Cristobal Statistics Professor DeNike September 29, 2008 Box # 283 Chapter 6: Review and Application Questions Pages 139-140 #s 3,8,9,13 3. It is a distribution that results after transforming a distribution of raw scores into z-scores. 8. The standard deviation of the sampling distribution of means 9. (a) convert the raw score to z, use z with z-tables to find the proportion of the area under the appropriate of the normal curve, and that proportion is the rel. f, or use
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Unformatted text preview: it to determine percentile. (b) in column b or c of the z tables, find the specified rel. f or the rel. f converted from the percentile, identify the corresponding z at the proportion, transform the z into its raw score, and that score is the cutoff score. 13. ∑X = 103, ∑X² = 931, and N = 12, So S x = 1.98 and X = 8.58 a. For x=10, z=(10-8.58)/1.98 =+.72 b. For x=6, z=(6-8.58)/1.98=-1.30 14. (a) 11 (b) 7.63...
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