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Shawnae Cristobal International Business Professor Rayan September 17, 2008 Box #283 Chapter 3: Research Task Page 125 #s 1-2 1. There is some important information that one must know before going on a business trip to Venezuela. Their president, Hugo Chavez, is a supporter of “democratic socialism”. This way of thinking subtly under minds globalization and regional stability. Because of this, the nation has overdependence on the petroleum industry which has caused price fluctuations. There is also a high inflation rate for this country at 15.8% and the GDP per CAPITA is only $7,200. The country has a risk rating of C; the ease of doing business is 172/178; and the global competitiveness is 98/131. These are all important facts to know when going into any country to do business.
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Unformatted text preview: 2. The Asian culture I chose was the Philippines. The five tips regarding business etiquette I chose were: • When introducing yourself as a new customer, letters of introduction from either friends or business associates can be helpful. • Business travelers are expected to be on time for all appointments. Although Filipinos may not arrive exactly on time, you probably won't be subjected to a long wait. • Producing “instant results” is not a part of Filipino business culture. Consequently, you will have to adjust any unrealistic expectations regarding deadlines and efficiency. • Mid-mornings or mid to late afternoons are usually the best times for appointments. • 'Small talk' is an important part of establishing business relationships with Filipinos....
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