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Nick Fortune Comp. 1 October 19, 2005 In this first persuasive essay, the writer is trying to persuade the reader to understand that NASCAR is no longer a sport of interest only to rednecks. He is trying to show how the national expansion has brought in other groups of fans from different social and economical backgrounds. Poor, drunk country people are no longer the only ones who participate, and watch this growing sport. The writes persuades the reader by providing examples of drivers who have come from up north and out west to participate in the sport which was once localized to the south. He also points out that with the cost of ticket prices being as high as they are, it is not possible that only poor rednecks attend these races seeing as how they are frequently sold out and tickets can cost more than
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Unformatted text preview: $120 a piece. The writer was also very repetitive of his topic to keep the reader looking for details which point out why NASCAR is not just a sport which rednecks enjoy these days. In this second short story, the writer is persuading the reader to disagree with the claims made by David Griffin saying the government was responsible for the attacks on 9/11. He uses specific arguments from a speech he saw in person here at Western Carolina to argue his point. He is able to provide specific quotes which are false and misleading and that he is able to make a counterstatement to. He also provides scientific research to argue the points of some of the statements made by Griffin when talking about the collapse of the buildings as well as the placement of explosives inside the buildings....
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