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fallacies - Nick Fortune English 102-35 In the first letter...

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Nick Fortune January 24, 2006 English 102-35 In the first letter to the editor I read, the writer used the bandwagon fallacy along with the dogmatic fallacy. Her argument was that the Wake County school board should look outside of Wake County for the new superintendent. She uses the bandwagon by trying to convince everyone they need to jump on and agree with this opinion. Also with the dogmatic fallacy in the beginning she started out by saying since she thought the board should look outside of the county, everyone else should think the same way. Later in the article there is also an example of the either-or fallacy. This is used when the writer talks about how the school board can either look outside of the county and try to find a superintendent they are happy with, or look in Wake County like always and settle for one they will be unhappy with after a short time. In the next letter the first and most obvious fallacy used is a faulty analogy. The writer’s first line is “Talk about the pot calling the kettle black.” She is referring to Gov.
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