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Dettmer, Roger. “Editor’s comment.” IEE Review ; Dec2005, Vol. 51 Issue 12, p2-2, 1p, 1c. 5 Apr. 2006. < Holton, W. Conrad. “Power Surge: Renewed Interest in Nuclear Energy.” Environmental Health Perspectives ; Nov2005, Vol. 113 Issue 11, pA 742, 8p, 1 map, 12c. 5 Apr. 2006. < The commercial nuclear energy industry may be about to see a resurgence of activity thanks to increased demands for electricity around the world coupled with concerns over greenhouse gas emissions from other forms of electricity generation. The new U.S. Energy Policy Act supports research and development of nuclear power, and some environmentalists are changing their position on this source of energy due in part to concerns about global warming. However,
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Unformatted text preview: significant concerns still exist concerning the disposal of nuclear waste and the potential for nuclear arms proliferation. “Survey shows people near nuclear plants favor new ones.” Power Engineering ; Nov2005, Vol. 109 Issue 11, p34-34, 1/2p. 5 Apr. 2006. <> The article presents the results of a survey on residents living close to nuclear power plants in the U.S., conducted by Bisconti Research Inc. 76% of the respondents favor the use of nuclear energy. There were a total of 1,152 residents who participated in the survey. The survey shows that people living near nuclear plants are familiar and comfortable with nuclear energy and would welcome the economic and environmental benefits of new nuclear plants....
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