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Nick Fortun3 - Nick Fortunes English Journals Sunday...

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Nick Fortune’s English Journals Sunday October 9, 2005 Well last night was pretty crazy too… I went to my friend Jon’s house to drink, hang out, and watch football. This night of just hanging out ends up turning into a party. Everyone already had beer but a few people got the genius idea to get a keg. So a few more people showed up when they heard we were going to be getting a keg. The keg didn’t end up coming until about 12 so a lot of people were already pretty tipsy by then but still a few people bought cups. Inside we found a door that had been taken off its hinges and decided to just beat it. So I ended up punching a hole in it and cutting my arm because it went through. Not only did I punch a hole in the door, I started trading blows to the arm with this kid David and put his whole arm to sleep and so he had to swing with his other hand to try and hit me. After all of this punching, I decided to go chill inside. I found Jon’s bongos and began playing to whatever came on the TV for probably half an hour or so by myself while everyone else was outside. I came back out just in time to catch a ride with Branden where I passed out on his couch while play ATV Offroad Fury 2. I finally woke up around 11 and we went and got some Bojangles to get rid of the hangover. That’s about all for last night. Saturday October 8, 2005 Friday night was insane. We went to a four keg down in Sylva past the bowling alley. I’ve never been to a party with so much drama and violence. It was a kid named Pat’s birthday on Tuesday and he turned 21 so they decided to buy a few kegs and celebrate. First, this guy Beef tried to go after a kid named Tripp because he stole from a friend’s house but still had the nerve to show up to a party that he knew they would be at. It took 8 people to try and hold Beef back after he saw him but he still dragged them 50 feet across the porch before Tripp took off. The next fight was when one of the guys started talking shit to Pat after he had already broken something that belonged to him. After the kid pushed Pat, it was over; Pat hit him in the face twice and he was done. The craziest part of the night was when a kid shot a pistol into the air to get everyone’s attention because some idiot had parked right in the middle of the road. It certainly got everyone’s attention, including the police. About 10 or 15 minutes later a police car drove by and the people still at the party went inside so they would have no reason to stop. After all of this happened we went back outside and continued having a good time. At some point, I have no idea how, I found some friends that stay in Walker with me and I got a ride back here to campus and the next morning my friends called me trying to figure out how I got back. That right there sums up my entire night…nothing but craziness. Saturday October 2, 2005
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Nick Fortun3 - Nick Fortunes English Journals Sunday...

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