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Nick Fortun9 - Nick Fortune November 14, 2006 Global Issues...

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Unformatted text preview: Nick Fortune November 14, 2006 Global Issues Conflict between India and Pakistan The conflict between Pakistan and India has been going on for over five decades. Not only has it resulted in wars, but it has also kept the two nations from realizing their full economical and geopolitical potential. These two countries have battled each other in three wars, with two of them being over the much disputed region of Kashmir. The region is small, but nestled in the foothills of the Himalayas, its strategic importance and beauty make it a prized possession. The conflict between these two countries does not only affect those involved, but the rest of the world for many reasons. Not only because they are the two newest members of the nuclear club, but it also affects the stability and economic potential of a region that includes more than a billion people, including over 950 million in India alone. The disputes between these two countries are not going to be resolved easily. Britain carved the Muslim state of Pakistan out of Indian Territory. When the Hindu leader of the predominantly Muslim area of Kashmir acceded the area to India, Pakistan did not recognize this action. Following a war between the two countries, India retained two thirds of Kashmir with an uneasy truce (1). A second war was fought over the territory in 1965 and the countries have pledged to resolve this dispute peacefully with little progress. A proposal from Pakistan would present Kashmir with a referendum allowing them to decide who they want to rule them. India originally agreed with this idea however they now oppose it (1). Since 1990, Kashmirs own separatist movement has claimed thousands of lives...
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Nick Fortun9 - Nick Fortune November 14, 2006 Global Issues...

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