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Nick Fortune August 31, 2005 English Comp. I “Interrogation Room” Evaluation In Ben Agee’s “Interrogation Room” he gives an excellent look inside the trouble he got in during his high school years. He did a great job of comparing his living room to that of a police interrogation room. In this narrative the writer also used vivid descriptions of the expressions and emotions of the characters that played a role in his predicaments. The feelings he got each and every time he was in trouble were described
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Unformatted text preview: and make the reader feel as if they are in his position. The other aspect of this narrative which the writer does a good job of portraying is the events which led up to his most troubling act. From the moment he walked into class to the moment when he was being interrogated by his parents and walking back up to his room. You feel the emotion when he feels his life is over but his parents come and reassure him that they love him and will always be there for him....
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