Chapter 11 Lecture Notes on Slides

Chapter 11 lecture notes on slides

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Unformatted text preview: Chapter 11 Planning Production Activity Production • Objectives Objectives • Describe position of engineer in Describe the production process the • Describe considerations in Describe planning manufacturing facilities planning • Learn about production planning Learn tools tools • Recognize different methods for Recognize production planning and control production Advanced Organizer Managing Engineering and Technology Management Functions Planning Decision Making Organizing Leading Controlling Managing Technology Research Design Production Quality Marketing Project Management Personal Technology Time Management Ethics Career Importance of Manufacturing Importance • Hamilton: wealth, independence, Hamilton: and security of the country are tied to manufacturing tied • Cohen: we did not off-shore shore agriculture; we made if efficient agriculture; • US deficit increases because we US consume more than we produce consume Engineering Positions in Production Activity Production • • • • • • • • Maintenance Engineer Industrial Engineer Process Engineer Quality Engineer Test Engineer Safety Engineer Manufacturing Engineer Environmental Engineer Planning Manufacturing Facilities Facilities • We will discuss four topics: • Area selection • Community selection • Site selection • Common errors Area Selection Area • Location of markets • Location of materials • Transpiration facilities and Transpiration distances distan...
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