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Warehouses community selection community managerial

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Unformatted text preview: ces • Labor supply • Location of other plants and Location warehouses warehouses Community Selection Community • • • • Managerial preferences Community facilities Community attitudes Community, government, and Community, taxation taxation • Financial inducements • Look at Look Site Selection Site • • • • • • Size of site Topography Utilities Waste Disposal Local transportation facilities Land costs and availability or Land building cost and availability building Common Errors in Facility Location Analysis Location • • • • Labor cost miscalculations Inadequate labor reservoir Lack of distribution outlets Underestimated importance of Underestimated taxes taxes • Purchasing unsuitable building Layout Planning Definition Layout Comprised of all activities Comprised involved in selection for and transportation routes among departments, processes, work centers, machines, and service functions. functions. Plant Layout/Design Plant • Product layout Product • Assembly line • Process layout Process • By process, job shop By • Group technology (also called a cell) • Fixed position • Big items: ships, drill rigs Objectives of Layout Planning Planning • • • • • • • Minimize materials-handling effort Reduce congestion of materials Increase safety of personnel Increase labor efficiency Improve morale Facilitate communication Facilitate Provide operations flexibility Tools in Production Planni...
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