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Before the exam. 1. Know the common trig identities, log laws, exponential properties, and when to use them. Know the limit, derivative and antiderivative rules. 2. Know the major (named) theorems: be able to state them, be able to apply them. Know any counter-examples – that is, examples that show what happens if one or more of the hypotheses (“givens”) of the theorem is violated. 3. Reread and review each section we studied. Review your assignments and tests. Figure out what your most common mistakes have been, and correct them. Don’t just memorize a formula; know why it is what it is and be able to explain why (give a sketch, give a reason). 4. Know when and how to use limit, differentiation, integration. Do not confuse one for the other. During the exam: 1. Look over the test first and see the types of questions asked. See which you can do easily, and which will need some thought. If you work best going easiest to hardest, or hardest to easiest, tackle the questions in that order. If a problem is giving you trouble, leave it and go on to the
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