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Topics for the final in Math 137 Limits Factoring Squeeze Theorem L’Hospital’s rule Continuity Intermediate Value Theorem Determining minimum number of roots of a function or equation Limit definition of the derivative Derivatives Power rule Exponential rule Product rule Quotient rule Chain rule Implicit differentiation Logarithmic differentiation Applications of the derivative Natural growth and decay, Newton’s cooling problems Related rates problems Optimization Graph sketching
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Unformatted text preview: Extreme Value Theorem Mean Value Theorem Determining maximum number of roots of a function or equation Differentials Antiderivatives The basic dozen Riemann sums and the area under a function on a closed interval Lefthand and Righthand rules Trapezoidal rules Midpoint rules Simpson’s rule Error bounds for Trapezoidal, Midpoint and Simpson’s rules Fundamental Theorem of Calculus, Parts I and II Definite integral Indefinite integral Substitution Area between two curves...
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