Evaluation and Judgment - Evaluation and Judgment By...

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Evaluation and Judgment By: Stephany Boles-University of Phoenix-Axia College BEH225-Doctor Byron Loyd March 17, 2010
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Evaluating is something that people do every day to everyone we come across. Evaluations are done such as people judging others for their race, gender, and ethnicity. People automatically think certain thoughts when they see a person of a certain race, gender, or ethnicity. Other factors such as a person’s family, friends, and where they are from are also evaluated by people. People are also evaluated on how they look and present themselves as well. Sadly enough, it seems as if everything about a person is evaluated, sometimes harshly for reasons that are cannot be helped or changed. When it comes to factors such as where a person comes from or their family name, some people have a certain reputation that is expected to be upheld. I believed that when it comes to a person’s race, many expect that there are automatic actions made by the people. Many consider oriental all oriental people to be smart. Many see that all African-Americans are drug dealers or
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Evaluation and Judgment - Evaluation and Judgment By...

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