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writing assignment 1 - chose was longed for us thus leaving...

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Let’s assume that all of our events and actions are predetermined and intended to happen. This means that we are not free to follow through with our own judgments in any instances of our lives. We may think we can control our decisions, but really our decisions have already been predestined based on what we have learned from past experiences. Thus, having no physical control over our actions, we have no moral responsibility. We are only guided through each step through our lives, having certain emotions aroused over certain events, and we naturally follow our predestined passions no matter how strong our will is to go against it. Assuming determinism is true, humans have motives directly from the birth. These motives that cause our actions are no more in their own power than the obstacles that come upon us. This obstacle may be inside us or from an exterior force, but we are not the master of this open thought or action in our mind. Our actions are independent to us no matter which decision we “should” have made or were “supposed” to make. Whatever decision we
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Unformatted text preview: chose was longed for us, thus leaving us with no moral responsibility. Not following this certain condition would go against the laws of nature because we are not the master from following our fate. It is committed to the idea that if determinism is true, each of us may nonetheless be held morally responsible for actions or be credited with responsibility for actions. Furthermore, since we are such individuals that “could” have chose otherwise, but in the end, we are on a path for whatever choice we finally made. Thus, we are not responsible for the consequences of our actions. For however much desire we wish to change our decisions, the force within us can only influence these decisions. There is nothing that we could have done which would in any way control our actions; therefore, completely removing any moral responsibility we may have if our decisions have already been determined....
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writing assignment 1 - chose was longed for us thus leaving...

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