Midterm Samples

Midterm Samples - concentration if a 500 mg dose is...

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What is the ED50? (10 pts) According to the diagram a) both drugs have the same efficacy b) Drug B has higher efficacy c) have diffent potency d) Drug B has the lower potency e) Drug A is a partial agonist (5 pts each) Which pharmacokinetic process is known as “First Pass Elimination”? (10 pts) Which form of a drug is most readily absorbed across biological membranes: a) ionized b) protein bound c) unionized d) glucoronidated (5 pts each) Administration of cyclooxygenase inhibitors (e.g. aspirin) can trigger asthma attacks in susceptible patients. Why? (10 pts) Drug X is given as a rapid, single i.v. infusion to a 50 kg individual. The volume of distribution (Vd) for drug X is 2 L/kg. What is the predicted initial plasma
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Unformatted text preview: concentration if a 500 mg dose is administered? (10 pts) Explain the underlying mechanism for the stimulating effects of amphetamines! (10 pts each) An older man is admitted to the emergency room with severe hypotonic crisis. In his pocket the staff finds a vial of , and, upon further examination, they notice a transdermal delivery system (patch) on his chest. What is likely to have caused the symptoms? Justify your conclusion! (15 pts) Which of the following drugs can be used to treat asthma: a) Propranolol b) Pancuronium c) Atropin d) Physostygmine e) Albuterol (5 pts each)...
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Midterm Samples - concentration if a 500 mg dose is...

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